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09 August 2017

Puppets Die, Puppets Cry

Hello Readers!

This one was my entry for Deccan Herald's Short Story Contest 2017. The results are out....Didn't make it to the top 3..Hence thought I'll post it here...I'm planning to give it a shot every year though...all thanks to my friend Sara for motivating me :) Hope you guys like it!

I look at him with pity. I am not allowed to feel anything. I am supposed to carry out the sentence, which I definitely will. But I cannot stop myself from feeling sorry for the whole situation, for him, for me. He looks right into my eyes and I can see disappointment in his…not fear, which has me stunned as I am used to seeing fear in the eyes at the other end of the weapon. My eyes fill with tears when I point the laser to this temple and I give an involuntary shout of helplessness when I pull the trigger at point blank range…..
The year is 6100 AD. The location is Asia Major. The name is AS3ZOD1F76070. The occupation is Arbitrator. The emotional quotient Zero. The social Order is Elite.
Let me elaborate the above paragraph:
Yes. This is set in the future. Around four thousand years from your time. A time where everything is synthetic and artificial. Morals and Values changed drastically. We are fearful of letting go of this lifestyle, the one that is most harmful yet the one we are most comfortable with.
The geopolitical locations are divided based on the continents. The concept of countries, states long gone
What’s with the weird name you say? Well.. I feel your old fashioned names are really weird as they do not follow any format nor serve any purpose other than identifying oneself. Though I feel it fails in that singular aspect as well. Your name would not communicate anything to me save for the fact that it was chosen by your sires according to their fancy. Mine for example would immediately let the listener know that I am born in Asia, am a female, have a DNA code starting with Z indicating my Genes are one of the healthiest, undergone 7 medical procedures at birth (which is extremely rare as the usual ‘at birth procedures’ that one goes through will usually be around 250) , age 30 Earth Years
Who is an Arbitrator? An individual with the highest authority which cannot be questioned by anyone but another Arbitrator of the same ranking. He/ She has the authority to arrest, forgive, judge, condemn and execute anybody. A Policeman, a Prosecutor, a Defendant, a Jury, a Judge and an executor, all rolled into one and would pass the sentence at any point of time, right at the place of crime or confrontation
What is an emotional Quotient? Well, unlike your times, where IQ was the one sufficient to land you a Job, in our times, IQ is just a preliminary. One’s EQ score would dictate the role one played in the society. Higher the role, lesser should be the EQ. With mine being the least 0.1% in the populace, I was selected to be an Arbitrator and since I am ranked in the top 1% bracket of Arbitrators, I am of the elite Arbitrator class. I am never emotional on the job but who would have guessed that I would be bawling like a newborn after I encounter him.
We Arbitrators are there to eliminate threats to our society. That is our foremost goal. Any person who poses as a threat to our way of life needs to be eliminated. Because we are nothing without our way of life.
It was just another day of duty. Policed a few petty criminals, judged them for 2 years hard labor. Had caught a would-be drugs peddler. Since he was a minor, judged him into juvenile institution. Thwarted a Kidnapping attempt, found him guilty of a series of crimes in the past as well. Decided he is harmful to the society and executed him as a result of my verdict.
Little did I realize my world would be turned upside down in a few moments. I was doing a routine patrol in Area 54 which was a bit too deserted for my liking. It just spelled ‘trouble’. I was alert for any danger as I rounded a corner and came face to face with a person I’ll never forget in my life.
Instinct had me reaching for my gun and in a split second, I had the barrel pointing to his face. He just looked at me in a disinterested sort of way. I braked “Announce yourself suspect!” 
He deadpanned ‘Sebastian Lorde’. I glared at him and snapped “The next joke will cost you your life!” He just stood there.
I decided to take matters into my own hands and pulled out the scanner. This device would tell me a lot about the individual it is pointed at. When I got the readings, I was dumbstruck! The readings cannot be true!! Was my scanner faulty? Or was this person somehow …??
Let me elaborate, in another 500 years from your time, due to a lot of factors, a naturally healthy child is non-existent and by our time, a child at birth would have a lot of inadequacies. A child is always born with defects such as missing limbs, missing fingers, missing ears, etc.. Hence, a lot of medical procedures after birth is a must. I was a rarity where fewer procedures were required. But I too had two limbs missing. We have advanced so much medically, that artificial limbs could be implanted that would grow as your body grows. There were no births recorded wherein the baby had all the limbs. Also, the maximum life expectancy of a human being in my time is 50 Earth years, the average being 40 Earth years.
What had me flabbergasted was that according to my scanner, the man in front of me had no artificial limbs! He was born perfect which can never be! This had not happened for centuries and the only recorded baby who was born without any defects was in the year 3100 AD and now that I think back to my history lesson, his name was Sebastian too!!. Also, another stunning fact was that my faithful scanner was announcing to me that the person was 62 years old! He didn’t look a day over 30!
I watch him and he just nods his head. I still do not relax my stance. I just whisper ‘How?’ to him.
He takes a deep breath and tells me that the enemy I perceive isn’t the real enemy.  This sentence shakes me to my very core! I almost lose my grip on my gun. Almost, but I don’t. I am shaken because those were the words my father said to me before succumbing to an Arbitrator’s bullet.
Yes. He was shot before my own eyes. Why? They said he was conspiring against the government. My mind is on overdrive! I’m trying to connect the pieces.. I am vaguely arriving at a point of realization! Maybe these so called conspirators are naturalists defying the current way of life! Maybe dad was one too! Maybe I should be one too! But before I can come to a conclusion, I receive a directive…

I get a command on my earpiece and a visual identifying the person in front of me as a war criminal. I need to execute him right away as that’s the only sentence for war criminals. I know that it’s a false accusation made on him and is intended to eliminate him but I cannot go against our judiciary. I have a million unanswered questions but I steel myself and grip my gun harder…..

02 December 2016

Silver Spoon in my handcuffed hands

Hello Readers!
This draft had been lying around for a long time! I had assumed it's fate was sealed like the many others and would get dropped into the Just-Didn't-work out folder. But was able to finish it and have deemed it post worthy :) This explores freedom within a boundary. is that freedom at all? Hope you like it!

I take a deep breath and gather my hard-to-find-at-the moment courage.. I huff my breath out and launch into the speech I’d been practicing in my room from the past…month!
As I start to speak, it’s as if I can predict my family’s reaction more accurately than an astrologer! Dad gives me a nasty frown, mom gives me the ‘why-me?’ look and my bro! He puts on the holier-than-thou look, shakes his head and goes ‘tsk!tsk!” Grrr! Acting the good son part down to a T!
I start talking and they all start mumbling, grumbling or in my bro’s case smirking!
What could I have possibly said to make my not-so-conservative, living-in-a-metro-city, quite well off  family to become this medieval? Did I come out of the closet? Did I tell them my desire of marrying a marijuana smoking jobless bum who earns his daily bread by singing near the subway? Did I tell them I’d be part of the coming-soon-next-season of BIG BOSS?!
Nope! None of it! All I told them was this……
I want to become an artist…full time…not as a hobby but as a profession
You’d think they’d be a little more supportive as my family! But nope! Not in a million years!
They grounded me! For wanting to do what I love!
But we live in the era of internet…I can connect with anyone..geography no bar!
I got encouragement from one of the communities I was a member of…they taught me the basics..on how to setup a few things, the right equipment, the investments, the training etc…etc..
That would cost a bit…so I’d been saving up from quite some time, as I had a vague Idea on how they’d react and I was right! Damn I was! My family doesn't disappoint!
My dream? To establish myself as a graphic artist! Yeah! To be paid to do something that cool! A dream come true!
Oh! BTW did I mention I am currently a software engineer? It took a lot of thinking, courage and plain guts to take the decision I just announced…I had given 5 years to this profession and was in a good position, pay was great too…only…the job didn't excite me anymore! And what started as a way to while away time during some weekends, became more interesting than my work!
My family thought I was a fool and my mom was cribbing endlessly about my Marriage prospects looking bleak if I went ahead with this insanity!
How do I tell her that my marriage prospect is just fine… I have a boyfriend and both of us are pretty serious about our relationship and are planning to be a part of each other’s life forever. How do I tell her he is a techie and an extremely good one at that and is totally in love with his job. That being said, he gave me full support when I voiced my desire on changing my well paying profession  to a not so regular payment of being an artist.. It made me love him more!
Seeing my family react like this made me more determined…
I wanted to follow my dream….do something that I loved…I didn't want to live in a confined space anymore..It’s not that I wanted to break rules…I just want to follow my own….
Over the course of a few weeks..I got a basic grip on graphic designing, I found a decent place to stay which was in my my bf was a bit miffed that I refused to accept his monetary hand in this matter!
Now came the matter of my moving out of my parents’ home…They were horrified at the very thought!  They expected me to stay with them and get married and move out to his place! End of story…. But unfortunately for them, I had written a different story. They tried everything, blackmailing, crying, threatening,  but they couldn't budge me an inch!
I immediately packed my stuff (which is pretty less!) coz the only things I own other than my clothes and electronic stuff are a bean bag and my desk which would be my dining table/head rest during a snooze/clutter magnet!
I took about a week to settle down in my place. My very own place! It is really great when you live in a place you call your own. Now that I can fully concentrate on my work, I have come up with a new super hero! And a super villain too!  My hero is a lady who wears jeans and Tees, does not fly, does not have super human abilities, does not have a cape…then what makes her a super?
She is a super as she doesn't give a rat’s ass to what the gossip monger, middle aged, walking talking horror of a female thinks. She is a super coz she is the queen of comeback. You jus cant pin this one down. She’s a super coz she does what she thinks is correct and doesn't feel the need to explain the same to anyone. She’s a super coz she doesn't confirm to the rules of society. She’s a super coz she’s multi talented!
And now, coming to the super villain! What do you think of first when I say ‘Super Villain’?? Tall, Pale, Well dressed but entirely so in black (leather maybe!), Kinda Good looking in a sinister way, who happens to be super rich and is out to  destroy the world as we know it?
Well! Lemme tell you, my super villain is none of that! First of all, It’s a SHE! She is middle aged, wears loud jewelry (has an even louder mouth) and dons a crisp cotton salwar, thinks she’s holier-than-everyone (though narrow minded to the core), a narcissist in denial,  the list goes on…..She’s your typical aunty! The one who pokes her nose into everybody’s business! My comic strip was the daily adventures of Hisha, the protagonist against..well..the world! And in particular the super villain aunty!
Once my concept was solid and I had set the main theme of the strip, I came up with a few weeks worth of work and decided to scout for publishers.
These things do take time. I went from publisher to publisher only to have my work rejected, mocked and I even experienced a downright ‘Get her out!’ from an uncouth guy! This was when I really hit a low. I started to question myself and experienced a lot of self-doubts but what kept me from going back was knowing how my family would react and of course the never wavering faith of my man in me!
My persistence paid off! No…I didn't get a publisher, I opened a facebook page for my strip and started putting posts on a weekly basis.  It slowly gained momentum and it started attracting a lot a views! This in turn got media attention and my page was featured in one of the fortnightly magazines! I gave a couple of interviews as well. Things are turning for the better, as my parents have reconciled with me and my bro said he’s damn proud of me!! A first! Now that things are bit smooth at the home front, have decided to introduce my BF to the family…Wish me luck..coz I sure as hell need it!

01 May 2016

Squeaky Clean Soul Connection

Hello Readers,

The idea for this one was from  a thought on difficult it is to find people compatible with yourself and what if you end up finding someone with just the proper dose of the same kind of weird you are!
Hope you like it! 
I was walking without really bothering about my surroundings. I was far far away from the familiar road I was walking on, the road I take everyday to office. I knew the road so well, Knew the bumps and rocks and potholes like the back of my hand, that I would freely let me mind dwell on other stuff while my years of practice would be called in to guide me through that road. I came across the junction of main roads and immediately, my autopilot was switched off and I was woken up from my reverie. I dully turned my head to check for traffic on both sides before crossing the road, when my eyes saw the old mechanic shop to my right. There were 4 guys working there and one of them had taken a lunch break. Nothing very interesting but somehow, something was not quite right here. I had already turned away and started crossing the road but there was a nagging in my brain that seems to say something just didn’t fit in the scene that I just saw. IT took my boredom induced befuddled brain all of 5 secs to understand.  When I realized what it was that had somehow been a misfit there, I was so astonished that I came to halt! Right there! In the middle of the road! Stupid move! A car swerved to my right and just missed hitting me! The driver swore horribly and made some rude gestures. I raised my hands in apology and gave him a shamefaced look, that immediately cooled him down and he reprimanded me saying I shouldn’t be day dreaming while crossing the road and drove off.
I turned and walked back to the same footpath again because I wanted to analyse what I had witnessed a few seconds back. I had a look at the garage again. I was taken aback because they were all staring at me. They had just seen the stupid thing I did in the middle of the road. I was so embarrassed, I decided I’ll check this out some other time and again did an about turn. I heard someone laughing behind me which made me walk away faster!
I couldn’t sleep that night. The image of what I had seen kept flashing in my mind’s eye. I was wondering about the ‘whys’ and was coming up with countless possible answers! One weirder than the next! I decided I need to talk to this guy and figure out the answer to the ‘why’ else I shall not know peace!
So, the next day, on my way to office, I had a peek at the garage. Sure enough, they were all working. My brain was in tangles! I was finding it hard to decide whether to go talk to him or make my way to office like a coward….As I was contemplating, He lifted his head and shot me a curious look! That helped me with my decision! Coward it is!
By evening, I had made up my mind…I had to woman up and talk to this guy! I was unable to concentrate at work!
I was on my way home that evening  and as I neared the garage, my feet suddenly had a mind of their own and started walking towards the garage! Before I realized what my stupid feet had done, I was standing there, right in front of him!
I was feeling a bit awkward and was mumbling a bit when he gave me a kind smile and asked me to have a seat! I looked around for a chair and found none. He just chuckled and put one of the drums upside down and what had my heart beating so fast was ..he wiped it clean with a cloth before putting a sheet of clean newspaper on it! He then gestured  me to sit. I think that’s when I fell for him…hard!
He offered me a glass of water (which I accepted owing to the fact that I could see a clean water cooler inside). After I had gulped it down (I didn’t realize I was that thirsty!) I felt a bit at ease and started talking about what I have been planning to from the past 36 Hrs..
I told him that I had watched him eat his lunch the other day and found it surprising that a mechanic would be using a fork and knife to eat rotis! And the way he was using them made it clear that he used them well! He immediately lost his friendly disposition and appeared a bit stand-offish.
I realized I had upset him and in my eagerness to sort things out, I blurted out the first thing that came to my stupid stupid brain! “It’s just that I suffer from a mild case of Mysophobia and nothing turns me on more than a neat freak”
I realized I had said that aloud! My mind short circuited and I ran for it! I sent the empty glass in my hand flying and from the ‘Ouch!’ I heard behind me, I guess it had landed on his head!
But before I could cover some considerable distance, he overtook me and forced me to stop. I was so embarrassed, I started blabbering. He calmly asked me to be silent and inquired whether he could do some talking now. I nodded my head. He gave me a reassuring smile and introduced himself. He was not a mechanic as I had assumed, rather an entrepreneur who owned the garage and many other like them. Mechanical work was a passion he had. Hence, instead of just running the business as white collared entrepreneur, He’d spend most of his time in the garage, working with his mechanics.  He was well educated and was single. (He gave me a wolfish grin when he emphasized that!) and yes..He suffers from the very same illness that she herself had! Though his was limited to food. He just could not eat with dirty hands and he being a mechanic, his hands were bound to get dirty. Hence he had always used cutlery to eat anything and everything! That was the reason he was very particular on the cutlery and had a clean set on him always! To prove his point, he removed a pair of fork and knife from his pocket! They were wrapped in a clean napkin!

That did it! I knew he was the one! When one is berated for a quirk one had, when my family had tried everything they could think of to get rid of this oddity I possess,  when everybody made fun of or ridiculed me for being a freak, I finally meet somebody who would not only tolerate my freakiness but could also understand and relate to it!  The Gods have spoken at last!  

24 December 2015

Deadly Deo

Hello Readers,
I'm again back to the first person narrative with this one. My natural style of writing and the one I'm most comfortable with. 
This is not as serious or dark as my previous posts. Please don't try to read more into it and forget what it basically is - a light take on a 'what if' situation. Hope you  guys like it. 
Have a very merry Christmas and a Happy new Year!! A suggestion: Why don't you make a resolution to comment on my posts :P

          I was in a hurry! I had to dash out of the apartment in exactly 10 mins! I had a steaming mug of coffee in my hand, a huge collection of bills in my other, hair a mess, and was still in my bathrobe and was yet to change into the clothes I had laid out on my bed…..and I realize my deo is over! Empty! It’s something I need before I get out of the house! I will be too self conscious if I try to brave the day without my faithful deo! I have a brainwave and dash to his wardrobe and grope around in the unholy mess till my fingers clasp around the familiar cool container. I take it out and liberally spray it on myself. Ohhh! A bit strong! And a bit strange! This doesn’t smell like his usual deo..maybe he’s trying a new one… But hey! Not complaining! I’m just grateful to have a deo to use!
           After exactly 10 mins, I am dashing out of our apartment and trying to hail a taxi…unsuccessfully. I am so frustrated that I just look up at the heavens and let out a scream! To my astonishment, a taxi screeches to halt in front of me! I am really pleased and hop in. I immediately let the driver know my intended destination and relax in the backseat. I think I have dozed off for a while when suddenly I’m jolted awake by some rap music! I frown and try to tell her to cut the volume down when the lyrics hit me and God! Are they offending! Instead of reprimanding her, I just blush and am at loss for words! Especially since she’s mouthing the lyrics and watching me from her rear view mirror which I shocking note is directed towards me and not the traffic! She gives me a wink!
           I immediately ask her to stop, pay and jump out of the car without even bothering to get the change. I am still a few blocks away from office, but somehow, just can’t muster enough courage to get into another I decide to walk the rest of the way. She really creeped me out!
          Am nearing my office when I spot Sue, the hot dog vendor.  I smile at her in relief! I am damn hungry as I’ve skipped breakfast! I walk up to her with a ‘Hello Sue! The usual please’ when she gives me a weird smile, not at all the usual friendly one she used to give me but kinda..i dunno…
Her hand lingers on mine when I am taking the hotdog from her and when I try to pay, she goes ‘Oh no no! It’s on me sugar!’ I literally run to my office!
            I frantically keep pushing the elevator buttons till one of them opens. I rush in as fast as I can. I feel a little safe inside and calm down a bit. There is a blonde in the lift who works with the packaging department. I greet her with a smile as the doors close. As the doors open, I sprint out of the lift and leaving her with a black eye! I just don’t want to narrate what happened in the damn lift!
It went on like this the whole day! I had women hitting on me left and right! Women I knew, strangers, women I hate..all of them!  And what had me flummoxed was that I knew most of them if not all…were straight as an arrow!
           I took the metro home. Just wasn’t ready to get into another taxi. I reached home to find the man frantically searching for something in his wardrobe.  In spite of my exhausting day, I am curious and walk to him and ask him what he’s searching for. He goes “My genetically enhanced spray! The one I was experimenting on! I cannot find it anywhere!!’
           I guiltily go ‘uh oh! Do you mean this?’ and hold out the container I had used in the morning. He grabs it from me and checks the contents. He then gives me a look worthy of Satan! ‘It’s empty’ he states in a deceptively calm voice. I gulp and slowly explain I had used it in the morning.
His demeanor changes in an instant! He says ‘Oh! Did you? That is great! I had thought you had thrown it away or something! But this is good!’
           I am so relieved he’s not angry anymore, I forget to ask about the spray. He’s totally excited and starts running about grabbing notes and blabbering non stop.
He makes me sit down on the sofa, brews me some coffee and after patiently letting me finish it, starts with the questions.
           It is then that I realize he’s working on a new enhanced deodorant for men. I do not get it at first but when I slowly realize the potential of this invention, I am dumbfounded! Part of me wants to congratulate my man for his invention is indeed a success!  All those cheesy deo commercials where a girl falls for a guy by merely smelling him! So tacky. But he has turned this into reality! None of the girls could help falling for me!
But then another voice in my head immediately resorted ‘but they weren’t themselves! They were forced to like you against their will!’ That got me thinking and I stopped myself from blurting out what had happed that day.
I thought about this…’Let me first analyze their behavior tomorrow and then decide how I’m going to play this’. I made up my mind and told him sweetly ‘ Why don’t we do this tomorrow evening?’ I rushed to explain when he got a bit angry and started to argue back and said ‘That way, I 'can also get you information on how potent this is! Whether its effects last more than a day!’
           That got him! More data for analysis! He nodded in agreement and started preparing the questions for me tomorrow. Whew! Am off the hook for now!

**********************************The day of reckoning ********************
When I got up the next day, I had a very clear plan in my head. I got ready and after assuring him I’d not get caught up in my work and forget the deal, I got down to the lobby and went outside. I was wondering how to get the taxi..not a taxi…but THE taxi…but I needn’t have worried...I spotted her. She had parked the car and was looking at my direction. I guess she was waiting for me! I was beginning to think this wasn’t such a great plan after all when she got out of the car and started walking towards me. I thought this was my clue to put as much distance I can between me and her and started to back off, but I came to a halt when I saw her raise her hands as if in an apology and gave me an embarrassed look.
            I stood there suspiciously, I was in a good spot. I could scream if I had to and I was just in front of my building and a lot of people would come to me if I’m in trouble. So, I stood my ground and let her approach me. She looked very sheepish and stammered an apology and told me she had a boyfriend and was straight and had absolutely no idea what came over her yesterday and said she was so sorry for having freaked me out.
           I accepted a ride to office in the very same cab which she offered to me as a token of apology. I was thinking about this all through the ride to Office. When I finally reached office, I insisted she take payment for the ride and told her everything was cool.
            I immediately walked towards Sue. She was not her normal cheerful self. She in fact looked a bit worried. When she saw me, her face drained of all color and she looked so pale! She was frightened! She just stood there looking at me and at loss for words. She handed me a note and turned away and continued her work. I read the note which apologized to me and said she was very confused and didn’t know what had come over her yesterday! She had freaked out afterwards! I told her it was no big deal and teased her for a bit. That got things back to normal and she gave me a tentative but friendly grin.
          It was the same thing at office, either they were too mortified to talk to me and avoided me totally or were profusely apologetic about yesterday.
          I was thinking about this all the way back home and had made my decision. This stupid thing had robbed away those poor women’s free will and the actions they did were because of the influence of the spray and all of them regretted it later. This thing was too dangerous! If this prototype gets out and is manufactured and sold….No! I will not let it be!
          I take a deep breath and entered the apartment. After half an hour, I had succeeded in convincing him that the deo didn't do anything extraordinary. I told him that the women kept remarking that I kind of smelt a bit weird and were a bit repelled by it. I lied to him about his work being a failure. His crestfallen face really tested my resolve but I just couldn’t let such an unjust thing happen to womenfolk! 

          I am an unsung heroine for all of womankind! Only I know the gravity of the situation that I’ve handled! Not a soul in the world is witness to this! This makes it all the more surreal.

29 September 2015

Sunny Smile and Tempest Terrors

Hello Readers,
In this story, have tried something different. Though the key and interesting character is a woman, the power of narration is actually given to the male character, who is ordinary compared to the unconventional female protagonist. Hope you guys like it J

He just knew it…though he couldn’t prove it..He knew he was right. That’ s alright. He’d wait. He had waited this long, hadn’t he? He could wait some more…for the right time. He had seen it too many times to doubt his theory. He was damn sure about it! But what can he do now? How does he talk to her about it when she is ignorant of the fact that she has the power..If he did talk, he would just succeed in freaking her out and driving her away from him! He didn’t want that! Not in the least! He’d rather keep his observations to himself.
He had known her for a pretty long time. They were kindergarten buddies. Now since both of them were in their early thirties, you can safely assume that they knew each other for most of their lives! It was when he was a teen that he had a hunch about it…but couldn’t understand what it was. Then, after a few years when he was in his early twenties, he first saw something that made things….well.. click! and he was able to view her in a different perspective. He still remembers it vividly, though the moment of realization was a decade back! It was her smile. Her dazzling smile! Sure, she had perfect teeth, full lips and two lovely dimples accompanied her smile every time… but it was dazzling for a totally different reason!  He couldn’t remember a single instance of her smiling when it was not sunny in the background…or to be precise, not a single moment when it didn’t turn sunny as soon as she smiled! Or a single moment when it wouldn’t rain when she was grumpy, or how the weather transformed to a glorious day when she smiled and when she laughed?! Well…the day turned magical! Yes. She had absolute control on the country’s weather! No…Not control…she was unaware of it. Her emotions where linked to her motherland’s climate! She was manipulating it without any awareness about the same! …She was the reason the seasons were so erratic in this country! It had confounded people all around the globe! This little nation just refused to follow the pattern and forecasts. But no one could complain about the unpredictable weather as the weird phenomenon had attracted people from all over the world! This relatively unpopular place had become the number one tourist destination! And of course this boosted the country’s economy. So …would it be alright if he told her she was behind all this? No! She freaks out at the drop of a hat. He has to be burdened with this secret for a little longer.
Back when he had first realized that his friend could control the weather, he had used it to his advantage whenever he could! He’d get a box of her favorite chocolates and send it to her as an unknown admirer. It’d usually work. She’d be in a good mood and the day would be sunny. He’d make sure the day went well whenever there was a game he was playing or if he had planned to take the pretty girl in his class on a date etc.. He was mean enough to upset her if he wanted the day to go bad for a lot of reasons. Yeah, He admits he was an a**hole.
But now, after all this time, he had fallen for her and how! He just couldn’t imagine being with anyone except her. It wasn’t easy to get her to like him but he eventually, he won her over. They were together since a few years and he had not tried to use her power to his benefit even once. He truly did love her now. He was extremely happy to be with her and did not mind being the secret keeper of this phenomenal fact. He vowed to himself that he’s reveal this to her only when he deemed her fit to receive this information. How wrong he was!
Things went very wrong. Though he had decided not to talk to her about this until the time was right, he did blurt it out and that too, in a very offensive way! He had been too drunk, too high to control his tongue, it wouldn’t have done the damage as much if she were stoned too, but unfortunately she was as sober as a judge
He woke up the next day with the world’s worst hangover.  It was only after he had drowned a couple of aspirins with a bottle full of water and felt the headache reside, did he have a look outside and was stunned to see that a tornado had ripped their town apart! He was lucky not to have been crushed under some debris! But he knew this would happen only when she’s petrified..but why would she be petrified?He was frowning as he was trying to add things up and then it hit him!! He realized what he had done! He panicked! He was wondering how he’d undo the damage he had done, he thought he’d blame the whole thing as a stupid drunken blabber. He was going from one room to the other in search of her and when he didn’t find her in the house, he lost it! He started screaming her name and was wildly running outside the house and onto the streets. He stopped after a couple of blocks and was at his wits end….she was gone. Any other time, he’d have concluded that she was mad at him and would come back once she cooled off. But now, he was afraid this was not the scenario. Not only was her absence disturbing him but something else was freaking him out. Ever since she had disappeared, after the terrible tornado had hit, the weather patterns were normal. This nation, her nation, was following the pattern that the rest of the world follows. It was totally normal and predictable. It was as if she wasn’t on the face of the Earth anymore. Though all logic pointed to the same fact – that she was dead, there was no conclusive proof of that and this drove him insane with the necessity to find out about his beloved.  
It had been 5 years since she disappeared from his life, and there hadn’t been a single day when the weather had misbehaved. Everything was normal. He was still trying to find her because he refused to accept she wasn’t alive. Then, he came across a traveler's blog in which the latest post talked about a far off land, totally disconnected from the external world, remote and isolated. Technology had not invaded this primitive land and hence not many knew of the place. Travelling there is a challenge and is highly risky. Tourists are shunned (not that there are many who try to visit!)  but what captured his attention and brought a spark to his lifeless eyes was this piece of information – the blogger had concluded the post by stating about the abnormal weather pattern he had experienced there!

He had finally found the light! He was right to hope all these years! He immediately started packing for the trip of a lifetime.

08 September 2015

Curse of ages

Hello Readers,

This one is again leaning towards horror...but I feel you'll find it different from the other Horror stories I've written previously. Hope you like it :)

It was fate…definitely! No two ways about it…this is a pre-planned act by the Gods..The day she found the …thing. I cannot bring myself to call it what it actually is.. instead I’ll call it what it seems be – a camera.
She found it in the most unlikeliest of places – near the abandoned well which everyone avoids as it was spewing a weird smelling gas which made the person who inhales it extremely suicidal!
Anybody else, anybody sane, would have deemed the thing suspicious and would be wary to approach it, let alone touch it!
She saw it sitting near the well and willing her to come to it. She walked towards it hands outstretched as if hypnotized. When she neared it she could feel a kind of vibration from if …as if it was alive! As if it was getting excited as she came near it! She didn’t hesitate for a second as she touched it…and suddenly…realization! Of a long forgotten past! It hit her like a jolt..she had to steady herself by leaning against the well..the realization was that substantial!
She was reeling from the aftermath of the realization and didn’t grasp that she had inhaled the weird smelling gas! That too a huge mouthful as she had gasped! With the comprehension came fear! But the gas had absolutely no effect on her! She felt a jolt run through her and had a look at the innocent looking camera in her hand…did this thing just save my life??  Whatever apprehensions she had about the camera vanished and a bond was forged between them that would never be broken.
She shared a past with this thing. She was connected to it across lifetimes. She acknowledged the bond for she could feel it, but could not remember the exact liaison of the past. But the feeling of the bond was good enough for her.
She always had her new companion with her. She never really used it for it’s apparent purpose for a long time. Then, one day, she decided to click the house help who had worked in her family for several decades. He was unaware that she had snapped a photograph of him watering the rose beds. She was astonished to see what her companion had captured. Apart from the physical attributes that it had so perfectly captured, it had also bared his very soul. What one’s made of, would be replicated in the photo. Others would just see hazy colours all around the actual photo but she…she could understand them .
She could see loyalty written all over the photograph of the elderly help. She just couldn’t stop clicking after that. Her companion disclosed the innermost secrets of everyone she subjected to be photographed. She saw it all – rage, passion, turmoil, suicidal, joy, etc… She had a clue on what some would project, while others came as a shocker. After clicking hundreds of candid shots of close ones, loved ones, friends, frenemies, strangers…..Then came the fateful day, when she finally had the guts to click herself. She set the …thing on auto and ran to the place that she had targeted. She waited for a few seconds during which it blinked (warningly?) red and finally….. **Click**
Her hands trembled as she went near the thing. She picked it up staring at the lens. She slowly rotated it and had to stop because her breathing had hitched to an alarming rate and she almost dropped it. She steadied herself and pressed the little button with a triangle on it. The thing had rendered the photograph taken which was the latest in chronological order, but she just sees darkness. That is because she has closed her eyes. With a huge effort she opens them and stares at the photo of herself. The horror! It all comes back to her! She now remembers what was the exact relationship between herself and the thing! She has made a mistake! Their relationship was not that of love or friendship but of mutual annihilation! And she has realized it now! When time has betrayed her! She had been so long in this form, she had forgotten the past!  This will cost her, her…her eternity. By the time these thoughts had run in her head, she had already started to transform. From organic to inorganic, from living to non living, from flesh to stone.
The thing that is pretending to be what it’s not, is the Adamantine sword which has manifested as a camera to safely hide in a modern era for the cursed one was reborn in the very same era.
She was totally unaware of her legacy and her power had lied dormant within her. It was only when she saw the fateful photograph of herself that her powers were invoked but the very first victim of her terrible curse was herself.
She is Medusa. Medusa reborn in an modern era. Medusa reborn to unleash the wrath of the hells on earth. But she is thwarted by the sword of the Gods.

The world is safe…for now. Until the unspeakable one is reborn again.

19 April 2015

S(m)ell me the truth

Hello readers,
It’s been a while, I know. For this one, I’ll not state what genre it belongs to. Read it to find out J
And this message is especially for my vampire friend….Don’t knock it till you read it please ;)

Oh! And BTW my dear readers, I would love to see some genuine feedbacks and for the shy types, am allowing anonymous comments too…so write away J

She is a bit of a loner. By choice. She seldom talks to anyone unless absolutely necessary, and even when it is, she’ll probably make do with monosyllables. She hates talking. She thinks it’s really over rated. She’d rather listen.
She was born with a gift…an ESP. She could categorically classify whether whatever the person is spewing through his pie hole is the truth or otherwise!
Weird isn’t it? When one knows she’s being lied to but has no way to prove it! What happens when people talk to her? Well..she doesn’t see it or hear it…she smells it! I swear by all the Gods Its true! Yes! Strange as it is, that’s the truth.
During conversations, not only would her ears be attentive, her nose would go on an overdrive! Here’s what she’d actually smell!

  • Bored chatter – oats
  • Salacious gossip – chilly
  • Utter lie – burnt food
  • Resentment – lemony
  • Lust – chocolate
  • Gratitude – coffee
  • Curiosity- roasted bread
  • Malice – rotten food
  • Happy thoughts – bouquet of roses 
  • ETC..ETC..
She could not understand all the smells she’d smell as a child and was told off for fibbing several times by elders! But as she grew older, she began to understand it’s something only she can perceive and also started to understand what the smells signify. That took a lot of homework.
When she was a teen, she really got the hang of it! And of course she would smell a combination of smells in one go as the conversation would be a mix of many things! She’d usually smell chocolate whenever she was with men (and very rarely..around a few women!). Not surprising as many thought she was good looking.
She really hated talking, she’d rather smell…err.. I mean listen. She was nicknamed the human lie detector in college as she would always win a game of bluff. She was an Urban Legend of sorts. She didn’t have friends. It really became tedious to be around people when you get to know what they say is never what they mean. That’s the reason she avoided getting close to anybody because sooner or later, they will let you down.
She was sitting on a bench in the park doing nothing in particular when she became aware of someone sitting nearby who was giving out a wonderful smell as he talked on his phone…he strongly smelled of roses! Too strong!  It was pure, so pure, she almost had a gag reflex! She had never smelled one emotion in such concentration! It was usually a mix of many and even if concentrated, it would be there for a very short period of time. It would feel like a shot and then it would dilute..but Not like this! Never like this! Her curiosity got the better of her and she let her nose lead the way. There he was…talking animatedly over the phone….she didn't get too near as the essence was overpowering….she waits till he hangs up, and thinks ‘Good….the smell is bearable now’. She walks up to him and is about to say ‘Hi’ when she’s sized by a sudden feeling of extreme shyness…’whoa! What’s the thinking??Go up to him and say..hey! Your essence is overpowering! Can we talk??’ She immediately turns 180 degrees and is about to flee when she feels a hand on hers…holding her back!
She is so stunned, she has not even reacted to the touch! isn’t a touch…the grip is pretty strong! She has not even checked who’s the owner of the hand, which is right now constricting her movement and the blood flow to her right hand
She swallows and turns slowly. Grey eyes meet brown ones….no, not brown..his eyes are a pair of butterscotch crystals!....... and time stands still.
She is stunned as she is not getting any readings from this man! Absolutely nil…this is a first!
She is brought back to reality as he gives her a disarming smile along with the smell of oven fresh bread. She realizes her mouth is still a surprised ‘O’ and immediately shuts it up. ‘Oh! Thank god! He’s not immune to my power!’
She manages a ‘Hello’ and a ‘Err….can I have my hand back?’ to which he says ‘if you really must’ and lets go of her hand. She is rubbing her hand as she studies him…and senses an odour she has never experienced before..not only did it smell amazing, She had absolutely no idea what it stood for. She feels vulnerable without her sixth sense. ‘Good god! My power has been rendered completely useless by this gorgeous hun…focus!’ She gives herself a mental shake and rephrases the sentence in her head ’….by this stranger’.
‘Shall we take a walk?’ What the ****? Did her mouth just speak on its own without her brain knowing about it?? Before she feels embarrassed that she’s been a tad bold, he nods his approval and holds out his hand.
That’s how they met. It’s been several weeks since the first meeting in the park. She is totally into him because for the first time ever in her life she’s met someone who means what he says. She was extra attentive around him to catch him lying or something that’ll discredit him, but unbelievably this man is sincere all the time!  But that awesome smell would invariable be there when he was around her and she still hadn’t figured what it signified.
Though she liked him a lot and spent a lot of time with him, she still didn't talk much and certainly didn’t relive her ability. The main reason was the odour which had no emotion attached to it. The one which did not fit in any folders in her head.
Things changed drastically after she had visited a far off relative; more out of obligation than anything. Her mom had bullied her into agreeing for this due to various reasons which we will not dwell at the moment. She was there just for a few hours.  Her ailing aunt was bedridden and taken care by her loving husband. When her Aunt smiled at him, she smelt that fragrance from him! Something clicked in her mind…True Love?! ‘Man! That sounds cheesy even in my head!’
She kept wondering how she could have missed this emotion her entire life?? Well..nothing much at the home front since her parents’ marriage ended in a bitter divorce. At college? C’mon! That’s rarer than hen’s teeth!  She thought about it during the journey back and by next day and she was a changed person. She had finally let her guard down and was talking to him rather than listening! He was a very attentive listener. She knew because she could smell him being attentive! She finally talked to him about her ability and was pleased with his reaction… disbelief, awe, respect and love! She was in love! Irrevocable so…
The poor girl…if only she knew. She was being played! By a pro….He was no ordinary guy. If our girl’s gift was that of an interpreter, he was a projector. He could project whatever emotions he wanted someone to perceive.
Her ability was the precise reason he was sent here. He worked for the other side and they had kept tabs on babies born under very rare astronomical events. Only 1 percent of those babies would develop the special ability. They would spend years locating such Interpreters and elaborate plans were made before finishing them off in what appeared to be a seemingly unfortunate accident. She had no idea how valuable an asset she could be for her country. She would be their ultimate weapon in negotiations and treaty agreements with other world leaders. This country would never get that advantage. Now he had her trust completely. He would make use of it and end her life much before her time. 

13 September 2014

The Faceless Martyr

Hello Readers!
You wouldn't believe the genre this one belongs to...Horror! Yup! My very first shot @ a genre I had thought I'd never try..Hope you enjoy it :)

He is having an OBE. He could see himself on the floor! It was a third person’s view of oneself! He can’t think straight. The things that are in his head now…it’s revolting …but he can’t help it. He keeps thinking about the same nauseating things..The sane part of him..the human part is trying to get him under control before he can do further damage..but its failing miserably.  The other part…the supernatural one is taking over…and in a matter of minutes..he would be completely different yet exactly the same.  Different being, same in appearance. Can anyone be scared of his own self?! He’s feeling this utterly strange emotion right now! At least he’ll feel it till he’s transformed completely… then, the part that fears, the part that’s human, the weak link will be subdued and locked away for all eternity…not life! But eternity. That’s because this being is immortal.

17 Years Ago

He is a teenager unlike any other. His hearing is extremely sensitive, more like a canine’s…. He can lift amazingly heavy objects like say…a car! His vision is like an eagle’s! and above all…his regeneration capacity is limitless ..his endurance for pain is profoundly high. So, with this paranormal  abilities, the abandoned one survived. He also did some unthinkable things to others. He used his powers carelessly.
Knowing that he was abandoned by choice left him with a deep scar. Imagine a Very hot headed and dangerous teenager with a lot of power…Nightmare

2 Hrs Ago….

He was walking down a deserted road humming to himself oblivious to the imminent danger he would be in.  He thought no one would be out in this unearthly hour, so he was being..well..himself. He was picking a random pebble off the road and hurling it away…sounds pretty normal. But if anyone would see the trajectory of the pebble, they would be astonished! He was no ordinary guy. He was a ‘jump’ in the evolution process. He had extraordinary abilities. These ‘gifts’ were the main …no..the only reason he was in danger right now.

28 years ago

He was a Five year old abandoned boy. Abandoned, because his family did not know how to cope with him and his abilities. So, they just decided to move without him..  Don’t judge his family. Nobody would have had the strength to go through what they after day.  How do explain to your boy it’s wrong to break his mother’s arms just because she screamed at you for breaking the glass vase? How do you tell him not to crush the dog’s head just because he chewed your shoes? The injuries started getting serious  and one tragic day, their first born daughter who was 16 at that time, met her untimely death at the hands of her kid brother whom she was babysitting. She had insisted he finish his greens on his plate before he’d be given dessert. When they came back and found her the way they did, that was enough for them to leave him.

10 Years Ago

He is stronger than ever. His body looks like he seriously works out and is on a very rigid diet to keep it that way but the truth is, he has never hit a gym in his life and he eats like a ….well…lets just say more than a couple ‘all you can eat for $XX’ closed their shop thanks to him! He has a better sense of right and wrong comparatively when he was a teen. He is playing the faceless superhero for the time being. Stopping a thief, rescuing a damsel in distress, preventing a murder from happening and stuff like that…He had foiled a couple of suicide attempts as well. He thought he had figured out his purpose, to be the unsung hero of  the people. But he had a greater calling …a far greater calling..but it would be quite a few years before he realizes it.

2 Years Ago

It’s during this time he realizes his life means more than playing God to the woes of mankind. He decides to dedicate himself to another being. Not a species but a singular being. The Earth. He feels this wonderful planet is reeling under the acts of man. We are killing this planet without realizing when she dies, we die. So He decides he is the lone crusader of his home planet. What brought about this change? It all started a DVD he had rented out. It was a documentary that gave a very stark picture on how the earth’s natural resources were being overused and abused. It really stuck a cord with him. He had a moment of glorious self realization. He considered himself the messiah of mother earth. That’s what he’d call himself from now on.
       He would target anyone who he deemed was harmful to the planet. He took on timber companies by messing with their tree felling equipment. He would also scare the laborers witless. soon, the news of the haunted forests spread like wild fire. 

But this Turing point will lead him to an unbelievable horror in the future. This path he chose will end with him being tortured with a pain that was alien to him


He cannot take it any longer… He is unable to tolerate the pain. He is on fire….yet there is no fire. He is choking…on what he has no idea, His lungs are burning like he has inhaled a gulp of water, but he is no where near water. But a above all this virtually physical pain, is the one he cannot tolerate! His mind! What it’s projecting is of the most ghastly stuff.  It is this mental torture he is not able to tolerate. His mind is not his own. He is not the master anymore.
He is withering on the floor. He is trying to shake the pain away. It is now that he experiences an OBE. He had read that OBE’s usually  grant the observer a clarity which was elusive till that moment. Once he sees himself on the floor and his tormentor, things suddenly fall into place!

He is just seconds away from death and his last thoughts are pure panic. He thinks the humans are just pawns in a much bigger universe . the eminent death of his planet is being eagerly awaited by an impatient extraterrestrial race who thrive on dead heavenly bodies! Why don’t they just attack and take over? No! They cannot! The interplanetary federation forbids it. So they wait! They would ensure that no one comes in the way of the self destructive phase of the planet and if any one does, they would transfigure any being into one among them …including me.

24 April 2014

The L Word

Trying a different genre this time : Romance! A desi one @ that, so gimme some margin on this one  :)
Also, this is the first time I'm putting up a post without a work of art accompanying it! The reason being that I'm experiencing a painter's block right now :P

 ********** Enjoy************



She was day dreaming again. About what…no one has a clue but she….and as the auto slows down in the usual spot of her usual path because of the usual traffic nightmare in her city, she immediately snaps back to reality as if she had an in built alarm clock! That’s because it’s her fav window shopping shop that’s in view. She loves the displays on the 4-5 mannequins they have and starts checking them out one by one…and she mouths…”ugh!…!….not bad!….kinda nice….and …decent! “  and after she checks out the last one,  her eyes automatically hovers to the spot next to it expecting another mannequin but is surprised to see a guy there and that too watching her intently!


He was standing on the footpath waiting for his ‘always-late-never-sorry’ friend to pick him up. He is irritated and hungry, so is not the least bit interested in the good looking chicks that are passing by him chatting non-stop.  Some clumsy woman bumps into him and gives him a withering look as if it’s his fault!
He ignores her and turns towards the road and notices the traffic slowing down and thinks ‘Dear Lord! My late friend is sure gonna be later!’ It’s then that he notices a girl in one of the autos that has slowed down. She is checking out something with a lot of concentration. He turns to see what that is which has captured her attention and finds the mannequins beside him. He cannot peel his eyes off her as she mouths something looking at them. He doesn’t try to lip read … he just stares at her moving lips, thinking…so cute!
Before he can process anything else, her eyes are on him and they widen in surprise. His first impulse is to look away but somehow…he just can’t do that. And ends up giving her a goofy lopsided grin.


She was surprised to find a guy staring at her but as soon as he grinned, she snapped out of it and immediately turned her head so that she was directly looking ahead. She pretended she found the auto driver’s head very interesting. But at that very moment, the snail like pace of the traffic also stopped and the auto dint move an inch forward and she was still in his line of sight. This pissed her off more than anything. She tried to peek at him through the corner of her eye and saw that he was still looking at her and she heard a chuckle from him. Mortified, she turns to the other side and pretends she is extremely interested in the cheesy slogan written behind another auto.


He saw that the moment he grinned, she quickly turned away.  As luck could have it, the traffic came to a halt just then and he could continue to look at her as long as he pleased (or as long as the jam let him). He could see she was a bit annoyed that the auto wasn’t moving ahead.  She then had a look at him sneakily through the corner of her eye. He just couldn’t resist a chuckle and felt rewarded when she blushed a deep pink and turned her head the other way.


She was wondering how long she should stare at the backside of an auto that declared “Paa nahi sakthe tho kya hua? Chah tho sakthe hai” under a photo of the current bollywood numero uno Starlet! Then she realized that the traffic started moving. Before she knew what she was doing, her head snapped to the other side and she had a look at the guy before the auto zoomed away. She was wondering why she did that for a few seconds before resuming her day dreaming pass time. But this time, the guy crept into her day dreaming episode!
She smiled to herself as she was getting down from the auto thinking the guy was pretty cute even with a stubble that was a couple of days old.


He was unusually silent on the ride to office. He still couldn’t think of anything else but the parting glance she had given him. His friend was getting a bit edgy thinking  he was annoyed and that a time bomb was ticking at his backseat that would blast any second now! He couldn’t take it anymore and turned around and opening his helmet’s visor said he was sorry for being late and could he please talk! This made our lover boy laugh out so loudly, a couple of girls who were waiting for the signal to turn green beside them jumped off their skins and gave him a reproachful look thorough their helmets! He gave the girls a ‘I’m-sorry-dint-mean-to-scare’ look and to his friend said ‘Chill dude! It’s not your usual tardiness that has rendered me silent but…err…well…’


She was in the auto the next day and was totally excited for reasons she couldn’t understand and was not interested in her usual pastime of daydreaming. Instead, she was eagerly waiting to glance at her favourite shop but not to look at the merchandise at all. When the auto neared the shop, she felt her heart go haywire with anticipation but he was nowhere to be seen. She was leaning out of the auto, desperately checking but he was not in the vicinity of the shop.  Disappointed, she sat back and with a grumpy expression.


He wanted to know if she was interested in him at all before he wished to proceed with his plan. So, he decided to test her the next day. He deliberately stood on the other side of the road just opposite to the shop and was inconspicuous with his hood over his head. He was not even sure if she would come in the same route. Just when he was thinking that the entire thing was kinda stupid and he may never see her again, fate contradicted him and voila! She was right there! And the icing on the cake was she was desperately searching for something…no somebody…no…him! He felt his heart swell in his chest! The look of disappointment on her face at not finding him…Priceless! He decided it was time to proceed with the plan!

Day 3


She was confused. She had wasted a better part of yesterday thinking about him. She had lectured herself not to waste time thinking about a total stranger she had happened to glance one day! But her mind just wouldn’t listen and she was again thinking about him. Intricate details she was surprised her mind had registered from the fleeting glance she had given him. Apart from how tall he was and  broad shouldered, she could remember details like the huge watch he wore that complimented him and his eyes! Deep brown and smiling eyes and the hint of dimples on his cheeks as he had given her a grin! Sigh! She was not that hopeful when she was in the auto that day and  when she was nearing the shop was experiencing both elation and disappointment mixed together with a heavy dose of craziness! He’s there! Right there! Next to the 4th mannequin! She sees him waving at her and gestures her to stop, which without thinking she does! She tells the auto driver to wait for 5 mins and gets down and shyly looks up at him! Wow! He’s taller than she had thought!


He was waiting for her near the shop. He had dressed with care today. He had worn the white shirt that everyone said looks good on him. He was clean shaven and presentable. He had even got a couple of admiring glances from a few girls passing by him and he was sure one of them had winked at him! Well..It did boost his confidence a bit and though he was not that into praying, he offered a quick prayer to God asking him to help in whatever way necessary for this to succeed. That’s when he saw her. He hesitates for a moment but when he sees her face light up on seeing him, he immediately waves at her and gestures her to stop. To his unbelievable eyes, she does!! He cant believe that she’s getting down from the auto..for him! He cant believe she’s standing in front of him! He cant believe she’s giving him a shy smile! He thinks she is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen and hopes he doesn’t goof up!

And thus begins a love story. How does it end? Well, the changer of seasons will let you know.

10 January 2014

An Eye for an Eye… A world for a world

There she goes….a woman with a purpose. She had been preparing for this moment from eons…preparing, wondering, dreaming, fearing about it through millennia after millennia …but strangely when the time arrived, she was unexpectedly calm…maybe the calm before the storm? She was walking…no, gliding across the huge ocean with a single minded determination. Her mission was about to begin. She felt no emotion attached with what was entrusted to her by the highest authority of all.
She had watched the earth change…only she could see it among all the creatures inhibiting the one of a kind heavenly body-the humans christened Earth. She could because you need to be there for a very long time to see the change as the rate of change is immeasurably small for the pitiful life span of any living creature on the planet.
    She had observed the earth change for the worse and knew that the time was near. She had wondered all along about the unjust the entire system of life had to undergo because of a single selfish species– the Homo sapiens.
    This event was mentioned in the ancient and the first language of civilization. There was already a record of the coming events in this ancient literature though it was yet to happen! This surprised her more than anything…Perhaps the human race was more perspective than she gave them credit for.. maybe they would fare better in the next phase of time? Time will tell.
    She had hoped that the prophecy be wrong. She had hoped that mankind would slow down, stop and eventually return from the doom towards which they were heading. But it was not to be. The events unfolding were so precise, a non believer would have said that the events had happened first and the “prophecy” written later ..
    Mankind…what a strange word ..they should have been called ManUnkind. Observing them through time immemorial, she had watched with horror as they degenerated to the current state. The world in its current stage held no new borns, no infants, no toddlers, no adolescents, no teens and no elderly.

The average life span of a human was 30 years. Natural Procreation was absent. The only way of creating offsprings was to clone oneself, which only the rich could afford and many of them were not the least bit interested in creating a new life. So this was a rarity, hence population was alarming dwindling. As for the clones, they were created with their physical state equivalent to a 20 year old and had all the knowledge, mannerisms, fetish, etc…of their creators. So, life in a nutshell was: born as a 20 year old and have a life for 10 years. 
    When things reached this state, she knew that what needed to be done was to be done. And done be her alone. Her resolve hardened.
    She had reached the destined location. Now she had to summon the elements to her will, which was what she was born to do. This would be the final phase of time. Everything would go back as it was before time was time and she played the pivotal role in this. It was as written that this phase would be the worst of all and when evil reached it’s peak…then would be the time for her to act…it would be the End-of –the-world. Or she preferred to think of it as a “cleansing” rather than the end of something.
    She closes her mind on all trivial things she was thinking until this moment and loses herself completely to focus on the point she stands and starts to manipulate environmental factors so that they disobey the laws of physics…and begins…
    A lighting flash so dazzling, it should have blinded her but doesn’t,  lights up the entire sky…and as if guided by her…concentrates into a line of brilliance and lands directly at her feet.
    An colossal wave raises from the point and splits into four …each travelling towards a different direction.. each second growing larger…the sky turns a frightening’s as if the sun has disappeared!…She knows once the waves hit the shores, they will not stop there…they will continue their journey till the four mighty waves meet again and reunite… engulfing all in there path. They could do that because they weren’t just monstrous waves..they had the power of antimatter infused in them… ….thus giving them the power to annihilate everything… marine life, airborne creatures and land dwellers… It was a matter a few minutes and it was all over. She levitates to a much higher position and watches the new world sans any form of life.. she watches it with awe…the world she helped create….It all seemed so fast…her purpose is served. The moment she realizes this, another brilliant flash of light hits her directly and she vaporizes…becoming a single celled organism…  the only life form on the planet..the foundation of evolution to come.